Monday, 29 September 2014

Dartmouth Goodies!/More Pics

Hey guys, kind of a quick post for you today but I hope you enjoy it non the less. As you saw in my last post I went to Dartmouth for the day a couple of weeks ago and the pictures came out so nice I really wanted to share as many as I can. So today going to show u the goodies I picked up at Dartmouth and then some more pictures. So enjoy!

So after the boat trip we had a little walk around the cute little shops and here are the things I got.

Fudge - We stumbled across a hhome-madefudge shop and well fudge is really yummy. So I got 100 grams of normal vvanillafudge and 100 grams of malteaser fudge. Have to say the vanilla was super yummy but the malteaser a little bit of a let down.

Postcards - Picked up two postcards of the river we went up to go in my little scrapbook... which I will be blogging about soon.

Sherbet! - We came across a very cool sweet shop which was fully of sweets in little jars, how sweet shops should be. They also sold really cool old games like tic tac toe and things like that. I got pretty excited when I saw a bag of sherbet with a little lolly in. I used to get this all the time when I was little so I just HAD to pick up a bag

The other two things you can see in the picture are the two polaroid pictures of me and the boy, also the ticket from the boat. 

One of the pictures from the camera... this was still developing :) but I do love it!

While walking around we spotted this really cool old car, this was the moment my proper camera battery died so rest of pictures are taken from my phone. But how cute is this car!

We walked through this cute little park and I thought this flower boat was rather cool. I shall leave you with some more nice pictures. Sorry if this post has been a little boring but hope you enjoyed it!