Thursday, 11 September 2014

Breville - Blend active review

Hey guys, I have been addicted to juices from a little stall near where I work lately. But decided I was spending more money than I should on buying them and realised it would be cheaper to do my own! I had a quick look and different smoothie makes/juicers and really wanted one that was simple to use and clean. Then I spotted the breville blend active and went ahead and purchased it. I am so not disappointed with my choice its fantastic!

This nifty little gadget is small so doesn't take up loads of space in your kitchen but is also super easy to clean. It comes with the main base bit, two (dishwasher safe) bottles with lids and the blades. What drew me to this was the fact you can pretty much make and go. All you need to do is pop the fruit or whatever you want in one of the bottles, screw the blades on (like you would the lid of a bottle). Then attach it to the machine, it isn't fiddly you just pop it on top twist slight and it will click into place then press the little green blend button and your machine starts doing its magic! Then once your done with the blending switch the blades to your bottle lid and your ready to go out the door.

But what about the mess? well your using the bottle to drink out of so no washing out containers. Once your done with your drink you can pop the bottle in the dishwasher or wash by hand if you wish. But that's not the best bit, normally when you make a smoothie or juice the blades are always really awkward to wash, not these one the blade attachment can be popped in the dishwasher. I personally just swill mine under the tap after every use then once a week pop it through the dishwasher to give it a good clean.

This product is really good and great for those who want to make there own smoothies or juices. I have used mine loads!

You can pick one up by clicking here priced at around £24 

And also if you pop back to my blog tomorrow you will see a simple juice I made using it!