Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Born Pretty Store - Haul and first impressions

Hey guys, I came across an online store called Born Pretty not that long ago and ordered a couple things. I was pleased with the items that came, so decided to make another larger order, so this is what you get to see today!
The items are shipped from abroad (china I think) and both times took around two weeks to come which isn't bad. They were both very well wrapped up, the more fragile items wrapped up in some foam type stuff to stop them from getting damaged.
If you wish to order from them then use the code HAYT10 to get 10% off as they have kindly given me a code for my followers!

So lets get too it...

PLEASE NOTE - I have not listed the price I paid for each item as a lot of the items were on offer when I ordered them none of my items were more than £2 and  I paid just under £15 for all the items. I have linked the pages to each item for you so just click the name of the items :)

I really want to get into wearing false eyelashes and these had a good couple reviews on them so  decided to order them. They feel really soft and look fairly natural. I really like the look of these and can't wait to use them.

Now I have once tried to wear false lashes but didn't manage to get them on. This is a tool to help apply the lashes. Again the reviews made me order it and I hope it helps me.

I bought these for blog ideas and cosplay ideas. I thought these cute exercise books would be ideal to throw in my handbag and jot down ideas when I get them. You don't get to choose the design that you get but I think you can request which one. There is 6 designs I think and I got these two, really glad I got the bear one as it was my favourite! They are lined inside and have cute little birds in the corner of each page.

This I bought to keep in my filofax, super cute sticky notes to note down things! Can't go wrong with cute sticky notes. Again there is 4 designs and you don't choose which one you get but says you can request. I was kind of hoping for the cat one but the bear is cute.

I really liked the idea of this item, I am not very good with liquid eye-liner and hate it when I end up wanting to try it again and wasting money on it cause I don't get on with it. This eye liner is double ended, one end is a pen type liner and the other a pencil liner. I did test this out on my hand and both ends are really nice. The pencil end is lovely and smooth and the pen end seems like it will be easy ...ish to use. So wish me luck!

The link above is for the grey cat plug stopper. The other two items came in a lucky pack but thought would show you them all together as they are the same thing. These cute little dudes live in your ear phone socket on your phone. I ordered the grey cat on cause who doesn't want to carry around a cute cat on there phone! The ginger cat and the little duck came in my lucky pack. I love them all!

Now for under £2 you can have a phone lucky pack, I think they do these for different phones but I ordered the iphone four one... cause well that's what phone I have. In these little packs you get
1 phone case
1 screen protector 
1 phone accessory ( can be a dust cap, a home sticker button etc)
Now for some reason I did not get a screen protector but two dust caps which are picture above with the other dust cap. I got a little duck and a little ginger kitten. Really not complaining about that! But my FAV item in this pack is my awesome SANTA phone case. This is going to be so cute near christmas!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Another lucky pack, This item was like 61p, so I ordered and was intrigued to see what I get. The shop says you get three of the born pretty site hot selling items and I got two nail foil packs and a 3d mould. The nail foils are cute and I really like them, I love using nail foils on my ring finger as an accent nail so these should last a long time for me haha. The 3d mould.... hmm from what I can see you use something in the mould to create nail decorations. It doesn't say what and I think I may need to have a google about this.

Now there might be one reason why I ordered this item, I have recently watched an anime called Clannad and in this anime I fell in love with a character called Fuko. She loves starfish, so when I saw this I just had to get it. I am really surprised how nice this is, its so cute and falls really nicely and is a nice simple piece to wear with any outfit.

Now this is for my harry potter fans, I have noticed this has gone up in price since I ordered it and would say wait for it to go back down. This has three harry potter things on it, you have the owls, the sign of the deathly hallows and a snitch. All on a leather look bracelet which looks like lots of little ones but is joined together. The only thing that lets this down is the leather bits on it looks a little plastic like. But still I really like it and think it will be awesome item to wear and will go with pretty much everything again.

So um long post haha. But that is everything I got in my born pretty order. I am really pleased with it and as I said the shipping took around two weeks which is pretty darn good. So if you want to have a gander at the Born pretty site the link is below! Thank you for reading!