Monday, 29 September 2014

Dartmouth Goodies!/More Pics

Hey guys, kind of a quick post for you today but I hope you enjoy it non the less. As you saw in my last post I went to Dartmouth for the day a couple of weeks ago and the pictures came out so nice I really wanted to share as many as I can. So today going to show u the goodies I picked up at Dartmouth and then some more pictures. So enjoy!

So after the boat trip we had a little walk around the cute little shops and here are the things I got.

Fudge - We stumbled across a hhome-madefudge shop and well fudge is really yummy. So I got 100 grams of normal vvanillafudge and 100 grams of malteaser fudge. Have to say the vanilla was super yummy but the malteaser a little bit of a let down.

Postcards - Picked up two postcards of the river we went up to go in my little scrapbook... which I will be blogging about soon.

Sherbet! - We came across a very cool sweet shop which was fully of sweets in little jars, how sweet shops should be. They also sold really cool old games like tic tac toe and things like that. I got pretty excited when I saw a bag of sherbet with a little lolly in. I used to get this all the time when I was little so I just HAD to pick up a bag

The other two things you can see in the picture are the two polaroid pictures of me and the boy, also the ticket from the boat. 

One of the pictures from the camera... this was still developing :) but I do love it!

While walking around we spotted this really cool old car, this was the moment my proper camera battery died so rest of pictures are taken from my phone. But how cute is this car!

We walked through this cute little park and I thought this flower boat was rather cool. I shall leave you with some more nice pictures. Sorry if this post has been a little boring but hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, 26 September 2014

A Day Out In Dartmouth

Hey guys, first things first I want to say hi to all my new followers! Thank you so much for following my little blog, I hope you enjoy it.
This time last week I did one thing I really don't like to do is get up early on a weekend! I dislike mornings a hell of a lot. But it was for a good cause, me, my boyfriend and his parents went on a little day trip to Dartmouth. I already showed you what was in my bag for the trip, so today I thought I would share a few pictures I took. Was not that many because I had rubbish batteries in my camera and they died... the one time I did not bring the spare set!!

Can you spot balamory ? haha 

Dartmouth is a pretty town in Devon, it has cute little shops (including a very cool sweet shop). We went to Dartmouth to go on a Boat trip. We were lucky enough to go on the steam paddle boat instead of the standard ferry boat because of the ferry one being hired out. I unfortunately did not get a picture of it! 

The trip took about three hours I think there and back. The views were lovely and so was the weather. It did get a little chilly on the way back but the sun was hiding behind the cloud. Thankfully despite the forecast for a thunderstorm at the start of the week the weather was good to us!

There were so many cute houses on the side of the river, this one was apparently a holiday let out... I want to stay there it looks adorable!

On the way back our boat had run out of milk, to the other ferry was passing us and literally threw some milk over to us so we could all have tea and coffee YAY!

I do have a few more pictures I took that I want to show you, but I don't want to overload this post with pictures and if people have rubbish internet like me will take ages to load. So you will have another Dartmouth post coming soon, and you can see the little sweet goodies I got also!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What's in my bag - Boat Trip!

Hey guys, so my all time favourite post to read our "what's in my bag" and have wanted to do one on my blog for ages. But always felt like it would be a little boring as I don't really take much to and from work with me, not even my purse sometimes.
Me and the boyfriend went on a trip to Dartmouth the weekend to go on a boat trip to Totness. Had a fantastic time and got to test out my new polaroid camera which I will be reviewing very soon! Seems I would be taking a few bits with me extra I decided was the perfect time to do a what's in my bag... so here we go!

So this is my bag, I don't use this one on a day to day basis for work but use it for everything other than work. I find it fits everything I want it, goes with everything and has a long and a short strap so is ideal.
This bag is from Ted Baker, I have been a big fan of Ted Baker the last couple years I have a ipad case and a wash bag by the brand also. This little beauty was given to me for my birthday from my boyfriend, I had no idea I was getting it or what I was getting. I actually cried a little when he gave me it cause a) I know how expensive they could be and b) the bag is so me! I hate small handbags I just cannot get on with them no matter what I do. This one is the perfect size and the colours are lovely. The inside is a black floral pattern and is so cute. I am one very lucky girl !

So before I talk even more about Ted ( yes I named it) I will show you guys what's inside. Not the quality is not great as they were taken on my Ipad.

Hope you can see the items okay...

Item 1 - Bottle of water - I am the first to admit I really do not drink enough water. I really don't go much on the taster of water but have found lately I like sparkling water. So took a bottle of sparkling water with me. Got to stay hydrated!

Item 2 - My Purse - Well the boat trip etc is not going to pay for itself! My purse I have no idea where it is from is was a present from Rohan's parents last Christmas. Its really cute, a pale yellow like colour with lots of bright and colourful owls on it.

Item 3 - My camera - Now this is the camera I use for all my blog pictures. Its a Fuji film, not sure on the model number as was bought a good few years ago. I find it very simple to use and the pictures come out in good quality. Not sure if its my memory cards or just dust but lately it keeps coming up with memory card error. Normally just remove the card blow in the gap and pop back in and its fine, its never lost any of my pictures so not too worried. 

Item 4 - Instax Mini - My new toy, I got this pretty much a couple weeks ago thanks to my lovely friend fay. Saturday was the first time I used it and was really impressed. I will review it properly in another post. As you can see I don't have a case for it yet, but I popped it in an old birchbox cloth bag to keep it protected. It fitted in perfectly.

Item 5 - Memory cards - These are kept in an old game-boy case (haha) I take lots of spares as I said been having the memory card error so always good to have back ups. I normally use an 8gb or a 4gb memory card.

Item 6 - Pumpkin Seeds - I pretty much carry these round every where lately, they taste so yummy! I do need to get some sort of container for them though as yeah pumpkin seed filled bag is so not fun.

So that's everything I took with me to Dartmouth. Hope you enjoyed reading it and would love to hear what staple item you take in your handbag ? 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Born Pretty Store - Haul and first impressions

Hey guys, I came across an online store called Born Pretty not that long ago and ordered a couple things. I was pleased with the items that came, so decided to make another larger order, so this is what you get to see today!
The items are shipped from abroad (china I think) and both times took around two weeks to come which isn't bad. They were both very well wrapped up, the more fragile items wrapped up in some foam type stuff to stop them from getting damaged.
If you wish to order from them then use the code HAYT10 to get 10% off as they have kindly given me a code for my followers!

So lets get too it...

PLEASE NOTE - I have not listed the price I paid for each item as a lot of the items were on offer when I ordered them none of my items were more than £2 and  I paid just under £15 for all the items. I have linked the pages to each item for you so just click the name of the items :)

I really want to get into wearing false eyelashes and these had a good couple reviews on them so  decided to order them. They feel really soft and look fairly natural. I really like the look of these and can't wait to use them.

Now I have once tried to wear false lashes but didn't manage to get them on. This is a tool to help apply the lashes. Again the reviews made me order it and I hope it helps me.

I bought these for blog ideas and cosplay ideas. I thought these cute exercise books would be ideal to throw in my handbag and jot down ideas when I get them. You don't get to choose the design that you get but I think you can request which one. There is 6 designs I think and I got these two, really glad I got the bear one as it was my favourite! They are lined inside and have cute little birds in the corner of each page.

This I bought to keep in my filofax, super cute sticky notes to note down things! Can't go wrong with cute sticky notes. Again there is 4 designs and you don't choose which one you get but says you can request. I was kind of hoping for the cat one but the bear is cute.

I really liked the idea of this item, I am not very good with liquid eye-liner and hate it when I end up wanting to try it again and wasting money on it cause I don't get on with it. This eye liner is double ended, one end is a pen type liner and the other a pencil liner. I did test this out on my hand and both ends are really nice. The pencil end is lovely and smooth and the pen end seems like it will be easy ...ish to use. So wish me luck!

The link above is for the grey cat plug stopper. The other two items came in a lucky pack but thought would show you them all together as they are the same thing. These cute little dudes live in your ear phone socket on your phone. I ordered the grey cat on cause who doesn't want to carry around a cute cat on there phone! The ginger cat and the little duck came in my lucky pack. I love them all!

Now for under £2 you can have a phone lucky pack, I think they do these for different phones but I ordered the iphone four one... cause well that's what phone I have. In these little packs you get
1 phone case
1 screen protector 
1 phone accessory ( can be a dust cap, a home sticker button etc)
Now for some reason I did not get a screen protector but two dust caps which are picture above with the other dust cap. I got a little duck and a little ginger kitten. Really not complaining about that! But my FAV item in this pack is my awesome SANTA phone case. This is going to be so cute near christmas!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Another lucky pack, This item was like 61p, so I ordered and was intrigued to see what I get. The shop says you get three of the born pretty site hot selling items and I got two nail foil packs and a 3d mould. The nail foils are cute and I really like them, I love using nail foils on my ring finger as an accent nail so these should last a long time for me haha. The 3d mould.... hmm from what I can see you use something in the mould to create nail decorations. It doesn't say what and I think I may need to have a google about this.

Now there might be one reason why I ordered this item, I have recently watched an anime called Clannad and in this anime I fell in love with a character called Fuko. She loves starfish, so when I saw this I just had to get it. I am really surprised how nice this is, its so cute and falls really nicely and is a nice simple piece to wear with any outfit.

Now this is for my harry potter fans, I have noticed this has gone up in price since I ordered it and would say wait for it to go back down. This has three harry potter things on it, you have the owls, the sign of the deathly hallows and a snitch. All on a leather look bracelet which looks like lots of little ones but is joined together. The only thing that lets this down is the leather bits on it looks a little plastic like. But still I really like it and think it will be awesome item to wear and will go with pretty much everything again.

So um long post haha. But that is everything I got in my born pretty order. I am really pleased with it and as I said the shipping took around two weeks which is pretty darn good. So if you want to have a gander at the Born pretty site the link is below! Thank you for reading!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Quick Simple Juice!

Hey guys, yesterday I did a review on the blend active, so today I decided to share with you a very quick and simple juice that taste super yummy.

For this you will need 

2 Kiwi ( or more if you wish)
Sparkling water ( plain will do as well)

First thing first is to chop up the fruit, strawberries I just cut in half although I didn't really need to. The kiwi I peeled and cut into slices. So you end up with a little bowl of goodies like this...

To be honest I think I should of added more kiwi as I could only just taste them and I really love kiwi. Next step was to add the water I filled the bottle about halfway as I was a little concerned it would fizz up but thankfully it didn't. But this did produce just the right amount of juice!

So here you can kind of see the process, I filled my bottle up with the fruit then half filled with water, popped it on the blender. Hit the blend button until it looked like it was a good consistency, unscrewed the blade washed it off. Then all I did was attach my bottle lid and was ready to go out the door.
I am really terrible at having breakfast then end up snacking a little when I get to work as I then become hungry. I found this juice to be really easy to make up, sometimes done the night before and popped in fridge for a nice cold juice. But found it kept me full until lunch time and I could sip it on my way to work in the handy bottle.

Hope you enjoyed my little review yesterday and my simple juice today.  

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Breville - Blend active review

Hey guys, I have been addicted to juices from a little stall near where I work lately. But decided I was spending more money than I should on buying them and realised it would be cheaper to do my own! I had a quick look and different smoothie makes/juicers and really wanted one that was simple to use and clean. Then I spotted the breville blend active and went ahead and purchased it. I am so not disappointed with my choice its fantastic!

This nifty little gadget is small so doesn't take up loads of space in your kitchen but is also super easy to clean. It comes with the main base bit, two (dishwasher safe) bottles with lids and the blades. What drew me to this was the fact you can pretty much make and go. All you need to do is pop the fruit or whatever you want in one of the bottles, screw the blades on (like you would the lid of a bottle). Then attach it to the machine, it isn't fiddly you just pop it on top twist slight and it will click into place then press the little green blend button and your machine starts doing its magic! Then once your done with the blending switch the blades to your bottle lid and your ready to go out the door.

But what about the mess? well your using the bottle to drink out of so no washing out containers. Once your done with your drink you can pop the bottle in the dishwasher or wash by hand if you wish. But that's not the best bit, normally when you make a smoothie or juice the blades are always really awkward to wash, not these one the blade attachment can be popped in the dishwasher. I personally just swill mine under the tap after every use then once a week pop it through the dishwasher to give it a good clean.

This product is really good and great for those who want to make there own smoothies or juices. I have used mine loads!

You can pick one up by clicking here priced at around £24 

And also if you pop back to my blog tomorrow you will see a simple juice I made using it!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Silence - Free Ebook Recommendation!

Now if anyone of you are like me, you love to read and there is nothing better than coming across a FREE ebook that is a really good read. So today I thought I would share a quick recommendation  on a book I got on kindle fairly recently. I will try not to go into to much detail as I don't want to spoil the book so its going to be a simple quick review. 

Silence by Natasha Preston

Its a story about a young girl who doesn't speak a word and from the word go, you really begin to feel for the character. She almost becomes a part of you and there is nothing better than a book that makes you feel a part of it.
The story unfolds and you find out why she is silent and to be honest I did kind of suspect it but also parts of it I was quite shocked with. Sorry if this is pretty rubbish but a) is my first book review and b) I don't want to give away too much of the story.

The book is fairly well written although the kindle version does have a few mistakes which can be very frustrating. For a free book this was a very good read... there is a second book which was under £1 when I purchased it but I believe is nearer the £2 mark now ( still a bargain). The second book is a bit of a hit and miss, I did enjoy it but no where near as much as the first. I am not going to say any more but give it a rating.

So this book is getting 4 out of 5 stars, mainly because of the errors in the book which made a few bits annoying to read! 

So hope you enjoyed this little mini recommendation, I know I am always on the hunt for good free books so I hope to keep this a regular thing!