Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Shard and its amazing views!!!

Hey guys, kinda a short but fairly picture heavy post. When me and the boyfriend went to London we went up the shard. I purchased tickets to go up for his birthday present. He doesn't like heights very much but still enjoyed it the view was stunning.

The shard stands at approximately 1,004ft high and is the second tallest structure in the United Kingdom.

We were booked to go at about 8pm and we did this and thought it would be good to watch the sun go down. We spent around an hour and a half up there. The view was fantastic!

You go up in a lift, which seemed to take seconds although did leave your stomach feeling a bit iffy after! haha. There is not much else to say really apart from the amazing views of London it was something I won't forget!

I shall leave you with our shard selfie!