Monday, 4 August 2014

Taylor by Taylor Swift - Perfume Review

Hi guys, So I hope to have the Hyper Japan posts up by the end of this week but figuring out how I am going to do them. So today I thought would bring you another review of a perfume I bought around a month ago.
I wear Flora by Gucci most of the time, which my lovely boyfriend bought me a couple of Christmas's ago and I REALLY fell in love with it. It the most ME scent I have ever had. But as this is an expensive perfume I don't like to wear it daily for things like work... as well wasting it on those grumpy customers! So I use a cheap perfume on work days etc... and normally go for an Avon perfume.. or some sort of celebrity ones as they are cheap and smell good!
Anyway I am sooo rambling sorry! I popped past my local Superdrug and spotted the Taylor perfume on offer 100ml was just £14.99. My local Superdrug has a perfume shop inside it and to my suprise while I was buying this the lady informed me I had £5 on my points card to spend so I paid around a tenner for an 100ml bottle!
This is where I admit, I didn't actually smell the perfume before I bought it, I am a massive fan of Taylor Swifts Enchanted I was super convince I would love this too, also have hear FleurDeForce mention it a few times and her favourite scents are ones I love to!

Can we just start off with saying how lovely the bottle is, I really enjoyed taking pictures of it, specially on such a sunny day!
Now I am no expert on describing scents... and it actually is really hard too. So I had a quick look into what notes this perfume contains for you to hopefully give you an idea of what it smells like! But I would describe it as a girly musk scent, its sweet but has a musky smell to it in my opinion. 

Its main notes are ...
Peony, Hydrangea, Vanilla and Orchid

Other notes include ..
Sandlewood, Apricot Nectar, Cashmere musk and lychee. 

From what people are saying its described as a Fruity but Oriental smell. I quite agree with this!

It has a really good lasting power and great for an everyday use without feeling guilty about spraying it. If you like your fruity scents but want something a bit different then certainly check this out! I hope you enjoyed this review, do any of you guys have any of the Taylor perfumes, if so which is your favourite ?