Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hyper Japan Day 2 and 3 - Highlights

Hey guys, sorry about the slowness of getting these Hyper Japan posts up, but as I said in last post was wondering how to do them. Decided to merge day 2 and 3 in together as I am a little unsure about the order in which we did things, so going to share my highlights!

First start with food, cause who doesn't love food right ? While walking round the stalls I noticed these two little cake things. I am a massive hello kitty fan, and thought the Totoro one would be ideal for my boyfriend. So while he was looking at something else I snapped these up. They were £3 each but super yummy, mine had chocolate in while his had custard in... I think that's the right way round!
We also had some VERY yummy ice cream mine was green tea and was amazing. I really wanted noodles but we were so full we didn't have them in the end.
Last year when we went we kept seeing people with this little ice bundle but there was always such a big que for it. We were passing the stall and there was pretty much no que so of course we got some. I got mango flavour and it was very yummy. I honestly thought would taste very artificial but was pleasantly surprised!
Now I have made you all hungry here is some more of my hyper japan highlights. Apart from all the amazing stalls that you could go broke spending money at. There were different things going on at the stages. We saw a little bit of a Lolita fashion so which was cute. I CANNOT wait to get my very first Lolita outfit. We also saw a bit of the cosparade, but annoying people kept standing right in front of me, one even was rude enough to pretty much stand on me and then stay there... I got a little frustrated!
While wondering around there were so many amazing cosplayers (which made me and the boyfriend really wish we cosplayed this year!) But me being super shy I didn't get many pictures. I did manage to get this picture of Pixie Late and Alexa Poletti in Frozen cosplay. 

The things on the main stage were awesome. Really glad we had the extra time this year (last year we only went on the Sunday) to sit down and watch the shows/talks

Obviously I have talked about one already which was the Vocaloid talk (click here to see previous post). Now on the Sunday there was a Vocaloid Opera. 

This was pretty much my favourite thing, it was really amazing! It was a mix of traditional arts and Vocaloid software. A 30 min film was played which involved banraku puppets and vocaloid singing. It was pretty breath taking and also they showed a bit about how the puppets get there movements and it takes like three people to manage one puppet. If you want to find out more http://www.opera-aoi.com/ is the place to go! 
Firstly we went to the robo talk early to get good seats to watch the Opera as both me and my boyfriend REALLY wanted to see it. The robo talk was so much more interesting than I thought it would be. He showed us the little dude above who did a REALLY cute dance, and a cool smaller robot which climbed up rope and things like that. It was about different robots and the things they can do and what he hopes to achieve in the future. Some of the things they could do were really awesome and some just really cute. I want a robot! He also said that he thinks in the future rather than having smart phones we will have little robots.... yes yes yes so much win!! Hope they come in pink!

Last but certainly not least. SIRO-A were back again. SIRO-A are compared to blue man group. They are an entertainment show where they use miming and visual effects to create a really awesome fun to watch show. One thing I love most about these guys is they promote themselves so well, they are not afraid to get in with there fans and we got given so many leaflets for them! We saw them last year and loved them and again this year they were just as good. My boyfriend even got involved with the performances, at first he was super shy and was like no... then they came back to him and he did it.

Hyper Japan was really enjoyable and I loved every minute of it. the weekend was a major highlight of this year and I recommend it to anyone! If you wanna see a little more of it, see what the stalls are like etc. My boyfriend has a youtube channel and recorded bits so will leave the links below. I will be doing a post on what I bought as well!

To top the weekend off, I purchased tickets to go up the shard for Rohan as a birthday present. We watched the sun go down and was really stunning. I will do another post on it so look out for it.