Monday, 14 July 2014

Rin Inspired Outfit

Hey guys, on my old blog I did a post on an outfit inspired by hatsune miku and people seemed to enjoy the post. So to break my hyper Japan posts up I bit a thought I would sneak in some vocaloid inspired outfits for you. So today I bring you Kagamine Rin.
Rin is an adorable vocaloid who seems to like the colour yellow, she is pretty dark cute. So here is my Rin inspired outfit...

Rin Wearable Outfit

So as you can see I have taken inspiration from Rin and created an outfit you could wear on a day to day basis. You can easily re create this outfit out at home and look super cute like Rin!

So shall start with the basics..

Black shorts - As you can see Rin wears some black shorts so seemed right to start off with these.

White top - I was at first going to look for a sailor inspired top but I could not find one that went well, as I feel that the black bit at the top of Rins outfit is a little sailor like. But a plain white vest top is what I chose in the end. I think this works well and keeps it simple looking for every day wear.

White Bow - Rin is hardly ever seen without her almost rabbit ear like bow. So you can either choose a large bow headband or a small bow shaped clip. Both will look cute!

Yellow Necklace - As you can see rin has a large yellow bow on her top. So with this I though you could either wear a funky yellow statement necklace, or if you are lucky enough to find a yellow bow necklace then it would work perfectly. The yellow bow necklaces in the picture are found on etsy

Yellow belt - Again Rin has a yellow belt on her shorts so thought this would be great to add a some extra colour to the outfit

Black Boots - Last but not least, she has white shoes with a black overlay bit on them and I didn't think I would find something like that or think it would be wearable. So decided some black dr marten style boots would look great and give the right look or some cute black ankle boots.

Hope you enjoyed the post, which vocaloid outfit would you like to see next ? and who is your favourite ?

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