Monday, 7 July 2014

Its the little things I love....Welcome!

Hey Guys!!

So firstly hello! or welcome back if you were an old Madhattersnailparty follower. My name is Hayley and I am the owner of what I hope will become a wonderful little blog.

Now if you are a newbie then skip to the next paragraph as this will most likely not be of an interest to you. But followers of madhatters, thank you for coming to visit the new blog. I hope you like the new name/look. Just thought would say to you I really appreciated all my followers I had, but it came to a point where I was just not happy with how my blog looked, its name or anything really. I kind of lost my way with blogging and was finding it more of a chore than something I enjoyed. But over time I realised how much a missed it but have now decided to take a different approach.

The little things I love.... is what the name says really. I will being posting things I love/enjoy/things I think my followers will enjoy. So to give you a few ideas there will be crafty posts, cosplay posts, beauty posts, book reviews and yes I will still be dabbling with my nail art still. But as you can see it will be a mixture of things. 

So thank you for taking a little look at my blog, I hope you will follow by clicking the button somewhere over there >> and keep your eye out for more posts!