Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I think I am in love... with a hair product!

Hey guys, sorry no post for a while but was super busy getting ready for hyper japan, Had a bloody fantastic time and I am currently in the process of editing pictures etc for posts for you guys.
So today decided to share with you a hair product I have completely and utterly fallen in love with and was an unexpected purchase as well which is even better.
I recently treated my self to this little beauty...

Which I will be reviewing in a post soon, I used it while at hyper Japan and its fantastic! Anyway the reason I bought it was feel unique were doing an offer when you spent £25 there was a code where you can get £10 off which I thought was a super good deal and had been considering buying the palette for a while. So it was £22 and to make it up to £25 I bought the Palmers coconut oil formula moisture gro which was £3.29. I used a body shop coconut oil when I was younger and loved it so that's what swayed me to buy it. 

Now here is where I admit a little bit of stupidness, when I ordered it I really thought would be a liquid consistency but I was very surprised when it came to find out it isnt and there really is loads of product which will last a REALLY long time.

Now a little bit about the product, there are many ways in which you can use it. It came with a little leaflet stuck to the top saying the different ways in which you can use it. A few of them being, covering wet hair in it over night, then rinse off in the morning and will give you soft shiny hair, another way to use it is to apply a small amount to the ends and scalp of dry hair to condition it and give it a shine.
The way I use it is to apply a small amount on my wet hair before I blow dry and straighten it. I start with rubbing a bit on the ends of my hair and a very small amount on my scalp. Then I rub what's left on my finger tips through the rest of my hair and brush through my hair so it kinda spreads it through. I then go onto do my normal hair drying a straightening routine and I really feel this is making a huge difference to my hair. 
My hair is partly bleached as I have it ombre'd and I find sometimes my ends can look really dry. But by using this everyday it not only is making my hair look so much more healthy and feel healthier too. But I also think it really helps combat the frizz during the day, with the weather being rather warm at the moment ( not complaining!) I think this helps stop my hair turning into a frizz ball by the end of the day.

So if you are like me and use lots of heat etc on your hair on a daily basis then I really recommend you go pick up this product, I have really fallen in love with it. The only bad thing I have to say about it is just be careful you don't apply to much to your hair as it can leave it looking a little greasy if you do. Specially around your scalp. 
I am really interested in trying some more palmer's products now!