Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hyper Japan/London Series - Whats in my wash bag?

Hey guys, another Hyper Japan/ London post, this one you get to see what's in my wash bag! As you can see I have a rather lovely Ted Baker wash bag, which I treated myself to for my birthday. Its very roomy and fits all my bits in easily, I love the light pink colour as it pretty much matches my ipad case. I picked it up from a Ted Baker store in Bristol but you can if you click here you can see it on Asos and the other colours available.

So what goodies do I take while travelling...

So all these are miniatures, I normally just put my normal products into smaller containers but superdrug had an offer on and these were all just £1 each so decided to treat myself. I do have a couple things to add to the bag, which is toothbrush and a razor so nothing exciting really.

So here I have my body sprays and deodorant. I have the original Dove deodorant here, Dove is one of my favourite deodorant sprays as I personally think it works really well. I prefer the original smell as it simple and nothing to fancy. Then I have two body sprays, an superdrug own brand one and a impulse one, I like to have a body spray handy so I got two so when I am out and about in London I can chuck one in my handbag.

I always tend to op or herbal essence as I know my hair likes it and these ones are coconut scented and well nothing beats the smell of coconut! Also have a satin care shaving foam to well keep my legs nice and smooth. Then here is a nivea body wash, I really like nivea body washes as they leave your skin feeling lovely and this one is particular is very moisturising! 

One of these items may seem a little strange so I will start with that one. Sudocrem, yes the stuff you put on babies bottoms! But seriously this stuff is amazing for rashes, cuts and general things like that, when I cut myself I really don't heal very well. So when I saw this little tube I had to have it, I use this all the time so its a must have for me.
Then we have two pretty basic items, a toothpaste to clean my teeth of course. Also a hand cream, this one is a superdrug own brand one. I normally use the bodyshop hemp one but this was easier for travel and I have used it before and liked it.

Last but not least two simple face products. A simple face wash, this is a nice product and well will be using this to wash my face haha! The next one is a eye make up remover, I find a lot of make up removers make my eyes sting so bad so this one is meant to be kind to your eyes so I thought would be good to give it a go.

So that's all the wash bag related products I will be taking to London with me. Will be doing a make up products post as well so keep an eye out for that. Thank you for reading.