Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hyper Japan/ London Series - Post one - What is hyper japan?

Hey guys, to get me back into blogging I have decided to do a mini series. I am off to a thing called hyper Japan in London earls court the end of the month and thought would do a few posts on my long weekend. So first post is pretty much going to say a little bit about it, what it is etc. Then posts after will be what I will packing and pretty much a mini travel series. So I hope you enjoy them! And read on to find out more about hyper Japan!

Hyper Japan is a Japanese culture even held in earls court. I believe they hold one in the summer and in the winter nearer Christmas. I treated my boyfriend to a trip to London last year and tickets to Hyper Japan, we only did the one day last year but will be experiencing the whole weekend so really looking forward to it.
To be honest when I booked the tickets I really didn't think I would enjoy it, but in fact I had a fabulous time. Also think this year I will enjoy it even more because I have a more of an interest in Japanese culture and I also wore my first cosplay outfit earlier this year and in the process of making one (all will be revealed) 
A few of the cosplay outfits from last year

Anyway back to more about Hyper Japan, I will tell you a few things we saw last year so you get an idea of what's there.
The best way to describe it is a bunch of stalls all filled with different Japanese things, from manga to Anime, fashion, food and much more. There is also activities going on around from traditional music to J pop and all sorts of things.
My favourite thing from last year was seeing the Lolita fashion show, as it really introduced me to the world of Lolita and I have been researching it ever since. I purchased my first Lolita dress not that long ago and cannot wait to see more at Hyper Japan this year and maybe get some goodies too.

Lolita fashion from last year, my favourite is at the top! 
There are many things I am looking forward to this year, including seeing more Lolita stuff and I might even know more of the cosplay outfits this year! Also looking forward to some super yummy noodles as well.
So I hope that has informed you a little more about Hyper Japan and if you are a fan of the Japanese culture it really is a thing you have to go to. Even if you just want a fun day out I really recommend it.

Hyper Japan is being held on the 25th-27th July this year in Earls Court Exhibition Centre London you can purchase tickets from the website by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy this post!