Friday, 18 July 2014

Hyper Japan/ London Series - London Outfit Of the Night

Hey guys, seems the last London Post was quite a long one, got smaller one today. But then with the amount I rabble on it may turn out long. So as I have said me and the boyfriend are off to London for the weekend and we are planning to go out for a meal one of the evenings we are there. We have booked an apartment so will be cooking in most nights. So with know this I decided to treat myself to a dress I have been eyeing up on Very for a while and lucky for me it was in the sale for £15!
London - Outfit of the night
London - Outfit of the night by the-little-things-i-love featuring asos tights

So will talk through the items a little..

Dress - So this is the star of the show, although its quite simple I really like the white detail on this dress and the way it is done it makes your waist look super tiny. As I said before you can get it from Very, so click here to find it. I can only find it in petite or tall. This dress is lovely quality and fits really nice, I got my normal size and I would say its true to size. 

Tights - I have purchased tights to wear for this yet, but was thinking seems the dress is plain and black and white I could maybe go for some funky look tights. I really like the tights that look like stockings specially the ones with little hearts! I think I will most likely pop into primark and pick up a few and see what works best!

Shoes - Now another item I have got, I work right next door to a Deichmann shop and its not good for my bank balance I cannot help but pop in. Anyway they had a sale on, which I think is still going on and I picked up some patent black wedges for £7.49. I picked them up because they were comfortable and will be easy to walk round London in.

Cuff - Now at first I was considering a statment necklace but I don't think it will go that well in the end. Although I will see how it looks maybe. But in the end decided that a funky cuff will add a bit of something to the outfit. If anyone knows any places to get a good cuff please let me know!