Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I think I am in love... with a hair product!

Hey guys, sorry no post for a while but was super busy getting ready for hyper japan, Had a bloody fantastic time and I am currently in the process of editing pictures etc for posts for you guys.
So today decided to share with you a hair product I have completely and utterly fallen in love with and was an unexpected purchase as well which is even better.
I recently treated my self to this little beauty...

Which I will be reviewing in a post soon, I used it while at hyper Japan and its fantastic! Anyway the reason I bought it was feel unique were doing an offer when you spent £25 there was a code where you can get £10 off which I thought was a super good deal and had been considering buying the palette for a while. So it was £22 and to make it up to £25 I bought the Palmers coconut oil formula moisture gro which was £3.29. I used a body shop coconut oil when I was younger and loved it so that's what swayed me to buy it. 

Now here is where I admit a little bit of stupidness, when I ordered it I really thought would be a liquid consistency but I was very surprised when it came to find out it isnt and there really is loads of product which will last a REALLY long time.

Now a little bit about the product, there are many ways in which you can use it. It came with a little leaflet stuck to the top saying the different ways in which you can use it. A few of them being, covering wet hair in it over night, then rinse off in the morning and will give you soft shiny hair, another way to use it is to apply a small amount to the ends and scalp of dry hair to condition it and give it a shine.
The way I use it is to apply a small amount on my wet hair before I blow dry and straighten it. I start with rubbing a bit on the ends of my hair and a very small amount on my scalp. Then I rub what's left on my finger tips through the rest of my hair and brush through my hair so it kinda spreads it through. I then go onto do my normal hair drying a straightening routine and I really feel this is making a huge difference to my hair. 
My hair is partly bleached as I have it ombre'd and I find sometimes my ends can look really dry. But by using this everyday it not only is making my hair look so much more healthy and feel healthier too. But I also think it really helps combat the frizz during the day, with the weather being rather warm at the moment ( not complaining!) I think this helps stop my hair turning into a frizz ball by the end of the day.

So if you are like me and use lots of heat etc on your hair on a daily basis then I really recommend you go pick up this product, I have really fallen in love with it. The only bad thing I have to say about it is just be careful you don't apply to much to your hair as it can leave it looking a little greasy if you do. Specially around your scalp. 
I am really interested in trying some more palmer's products now! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hyper Japan/ London Series - London Outfit Of the Night

Hey guys, seems the last London Post was quite a long one, got smaller one today. But then with the amount I rabble on it may turn out long. So as I have said me and the boyfriend are off to London for the weekend and we are planning to go out for a meal one of the evenings we are there. We have booked an apartment so will be cooking in most nights. So with know this I decided to treat myself to a dress I have been eyeing up on Very for a while and lucky for me it was in the sale for £15!
London - Outfit of the night
London - Outfit of the night by the-little-things-i-love featuring asos tights

So will talk through the items a little..

Dress - So this is the star of the show, although its quite simple I really like the white detail on this dress and the way it is done it makes your waist look super tiny. As I said before you can get it from Very, so click here to find it. I can only find it in petite or tall. This dress is lovely quality and fits really nice, I got my normal size and I would say its true to size. 

Tights - I have purchased tights to wear for this yet, but was thinking seems the dress is plain and black and white I could maybe go for some funky look tights. I really like the tights that look like stockings specially the ones with little hearts! I think I will most likely pop into primark and pick up a few and see what works best!

Shoes - Now another item I have got, I work right next door to a Deichmann shop and its not good for my bank balance I cannot help but pop in. Anyway they had a sale on, which I think is still going on and I picked up some patent black wedges for £7.49. I picked them up because they were comfortable and will be easy to walk round London in.

Cuff - Now at first I was considering a statment necklace but I don't think it will go that well in the end. Although I will see how it looks maybe. But in the end decided that a funky cuff will add a bit of something to the outfit. If anyone knows any places to get a good cuff please let me know!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hyper Japan/London Series - Whats in my wash bag?

Hey guys, another Hyper Japan/ London post, this one you get to see what's in my wash bag! As you can see I have a rather lovely Ted Baker wash bag, which I treated myself to for my birthday. Its very roomy and fits all my bits in easily, I love the light pink colour as it pretty much matches my ipad case. I picked it up from a Ted Baker store in Bristol but you can if you click here you can see it on Asos and the other colours available.

So what goodies do I take while travelling...

So all these are miniatures, I normally just put my normal products into smaller containers but superdrug had an offer on and these were all just £1 each so decided to treat myself. I do have a couple things to add to the bag, which is toothbrush and a razor so nothing exciting really.

So here I have my body sprays and deodorant. I have the original Dove deodorant here, Dove is one of my favourite deodorant sprays as I personally think it works really well. I prefer the original smell as it simple and nothing to fancy. Then I have two body sprays, an superdrug own brand one and a impulse one, I like to have a body spray handy so I got two so when I am out and about in London I can chuck one in my handbag.

I always tend to op or herbal essence as I know my hair likes it and these ones are coconut scented and well nothing beats the smell of coconut! Also have a satin care shaving foam to well keep my legs nice and smooth. Then here is a nivea body wash, I really like nivea body washes as they leave your skin feeling lovely and this one is particular is very moisturising! 

One of these items may seem a little strange so I will start with that one. Sudocrem, yes the stuff you put on babies bottoms! But seriously this stuff is amazing for rashes, cuts and general things like that, when I cut myself I really don't heal very well. So when I saw this little tube I had to have it, I use this all the time so its a must have for me.
Then we have two pretty basic items, a toothpaste to clean my teeth of course. Also a hand cream, this one is a superdrug own brand one. I normally use the bodyshop hemp one but this was easier for travel and I have used it before and liked it.

Last but not least two simple face products. A simple face wash, this is a nice product and well will be using this to wash my face haha! The next one is a eye make up remover, I find a lot of make up removers make my eyes sting so bad so this one is meant to be kind to your eyes so I thought would be good to give it a go.

So that's all the wash bag related products I will be taking to London with me. Will be doing a make up products post as well so keep an eye out for that. Thank you for reading.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Rin Inspired Outfit

Hey guys, on my old blog I did a post on an outfit inspired by hatsune miku and people seemed to enjoy the post. So to break my hyper Japan posts up I bit a thought I would sneak in some vocaloid inspired outfits for you. So today I bring you Kagamine Rin.
Rin is an adorable vocaloid who seems to like the colour yellow, she is pretty dark cute. So here is my Rin inspired outfit...

Rin Wearable Outfit

So as you can see I have taken inspiration from Rin and created an outfit you could wear on a day to day basis. You can easily re create this outfit out at home and look super cute like Rin!

So shall start with the basics..

Black shorts - As you can see Rin wears some black shorts so seemed right to start off with these.

White top - I was at first going to look for a sailor inspired top but I could not find one that went well, as I feel that the black bit at the top of Rins outfit is a little sailor like. But a plain white vest top is what I chose in the end. I think this works well and keeps it simple looking for every day wear.

White Bow - Rin is hardly ever seen without her almost rabbit ear like bow. So you can either choose a large bow headband or a small bow shaped clip. Both will look cute!

Yellow Necklace - As you can see rin has a large yellow bow on her top. So with this I though you could either wear a funky yellow statement necklace, or if you are lucky enough to find a yellow bow necklace then it would work perfectly. The yellow bow necklaces in the picture are found on etsy

Yellow belt - Again Rin has a yellow belt on her shorts so thought this would be great to add a some extra colour to the outfit

Black Boots - Last but not least, she has white shoes with a black overlay bit on them and I didn't think I would find something like that or think it would be wearable. So decided some black dr marten style boots would look great and give the right look or some cute black ankle boots.

Hope you enjoyed the post, which vocaloid outfit would you like to see next ? and who is your favourite ?

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hyper Japan/ London Series - Post one - What is hyper japan?

Hey guys, to get me back into blogging I have decided to do a mini series. I am off to a thing called hyper Japan in London earls court the end of the month and thought would do a few posts on my long weekend. So first post is pretty much going to say a little bit about it, what it is etc. Then posts after will be what I will packing and pretty much a mini travel series. So I hope you enjoy them! And read on to find out more about hyper Japan!

Hyper Japan is a Japanese culture even held in earls court. I believe they hold one in the summer and in the winter nearer Christmas. I treated my boyfriend to a trip to London last year and tickets to Hyper Japan, we only did the one day last year but will be experiencing the whole weekend so really looking forward to it.
To be honest when I booked the tickets I really didn't think I would enjoy it, but in fact I had a fabulous time. Also think this year I will enjoy it even more because I have a more of an interest in Japanese culture and I also wore my first cosplay outfit earlier this year and in the process of making one (all will be revealed) 
A few of the cosplay outfits from last year

Anyway back to more about Hyper Japan, I will tell you a few things we saw last year so you get an idea of what's there.
The best way to describe it is a bunch of stalls all filled with different Japanese things, from manga to Anime, fashion, food and much more. There is also activities going on around from traditional music to J pop and all sorts of things.
My favourite thing from last year was seeing the Lolita fashion show, as it really introduced me to the world of Lolita and I have been researching it ever since. I purchased my first Lolita dress not that long ago and cannot wait to see more at Hyper Japan this year and maybe get some goodies too.

Lolita fashion from last year, my favourite is at the top! 
There are many things I am looking forward to this year, including seeing more Lolita stuff and I might even know more of the cosplay outfits this year! Also looking forward to some super yummy noodles as well.
So I hope that has informed you a little more about Hyper Japan and if you are a fan of the Japanese culture it really is a thing you have to go to. Even if you just want a fun day out I really recommend it.

Hyper Japan is being held on the 25th-27th July this year in Earls Court Exhibition Centre London you can purchase tickets from the website by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy this post!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Its the little things I love....Welcome!

Hey Guys!!

So firstly hello! or welcome back if you were an old Madhattersnailparty follower. My name is Hayley and I am the owner of what I hope will become a wonderful little blog.

Now if you are a newbie then skip to the next paragraph as this will most likely not be of an interest to you. But followers of madhatters, thank you for coming to visit the new blog. I hope you like the new name/look. Just thought would say to you I really appreciated all my followers I had, but it came to a point where I was just not happy with how my blog looked, its name or anything really. I kind of lost my way with blogging and was finding it more of a chore than something I enjoyed. But over time I realised how much a missed it but have now decided to take a different approach.

The little things I love.... is what the name says really. I will being posting things I love/enjoy/things I think my followers will enjoy. So to give you a few ideas there will be crafty posts, cosplay posts, beauty posts, book reviews and yes I will still be dabbling with my nail art still. But as you can see it will be a mixture of things. 

So thank you for taking a little look at my blog, I hope you will follow by clicking the button somewhere over there >> and keep your eye out for more posts!