Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Instax Mini 8 - Review

Hey guys, getting back into the swing of blogging and have been playing with my new light box. I think I need more practise but pictures are certainly improving !

I was lucky enough to get a present off a friend of the fujifilm instax mini. She knew I had been considering getting one for a long time but never really had the money also I was not sure how much I would use it. Now that I have it I use it more than I thought I would and its certainly nice to document memories with.

The instax mini is very simple to use, with a click of a button the lense pops out and you are ready to click and shoot. I did find it did not really tell you much in the instructions and did have to look up on youtube on how to insert the films and generally learn about the settings. So hopefully this will become use to some of you.

To insert the films you simple undo the pack of films open up the back of the camera and you will see a yellow line ( I should of took a picture of this). You simple place the pack of films in the back of the camera so the yellow line joins. Then click to shoot and out will come a black film which is the front of the film pack, this makes sure your films are in the dark at all times until you take the picture. Once you have done that you are ready to shoot! But before you do..

Set up your camera to the right light setting to make sure you pictures come out clear. Shown above once the camera has switched on after a few mins a light will appear. You can also see there is a little notch, to set up the lighting hold the camera in position you wish to shoot then look to see what light it suggests. Match the notch up to the light and its all ready. Don't panic it its flashing between to, decide for yourself which you think is most suitable. 

I have started using my instax mini more and more lately and it really is super fun!

I shall leave you with a few of the shots I have taken... 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Update Post

Hey guys, sorry I have not been very posty over the holiday season but I got so bogged down with work and family things I really did not have the time. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got lots of goodies. Leave me a comment with what you got.

Just doing a small post to say I am still alive and the new year I have decided I need a blogging schedule to make sure I post more regular. So I will be having one day a week where a post will go up for sure then any other posts will be a bonus. I am getting my filofax organised for the new year will all my blogging stuff so I WILL be organised haha!

Posts I will be doing in the year to come will be outfits posts (hopefully), more reviews on items, out and about posts and will be introducing crafty things and also lolita and cosplay more as well. I hope you will enjoy the posts and also a giveaway will be coming once I have gathered the items. Hello to all my new followers thank you very much!

That's all for now, speak to you soon!

Monday, 8 December 2014

November Favourites

Hey guys, yes I am slacking but I have an excuse I went away with the family for a weekend and then came down with the sickness bug.... erm yay?

As I have not done a few of my favourite things post for a while decided to do a monthly favourites. So here are the products I have been loving during the month of November.

1) Zoella Make Up Bag.
I have been travelling a bit recently and found this bag is great, its fits everything I need make up wise in and looks super cute too !

2) Palmers Moisture Gro 
Now this is a hair product I have fallen in love with and been finding other ways in which to use it too which I will post about. The main use I have for it is when I was my hair in the morning I run this through my hair before I brush it while its wet. It helps combat any frizz and smells amazing too!

3) Benetint by Benefit
Now this is a rather gross looking sample of it I have had for ages and I really need to purchase myself a full size as I love this product. I use it as a blush and love how natural and pretty it looks and always go back to it. Re discovered my love for it this month.

4) Real Techniques Face Brush
This is part of one of the sets, not sure if you can buy is separately. But I have been using this to apply my foundation recently and really love the look it gives my foundation looks flawless.

5) Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara
I picked this up because was off away for a weekend and needed a new mascara as mine had seen its last days. This was on offer at the time so whipped it up, I love the look it gives my lashes they look long and full but not clumpy. I also find a lot of mascaras make my eyes itch and this one does not effect me at all

6) Flora By Gucci Perfume
/Me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for 3 years now and this was the first Christmas present he gave me ( not this same bottle). But from the first moment I used this I new this is my scent. I have never re purchased a perfume and gone through a whole bottle before I came across this one. The scent is not too much but just enough and I think suits me really well.
Included my travalo in the picture also as I have been using this while travelling and I cannot live without it now.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Three Present Ideas For Parents

Untitled #13

Hey guys, I have been slacking a little in posts the last couple of weeks. But I work in retail and well its the busiest time of year. I am trying to keep as many post as I can going up for you so please bare with me.

Today's post is present ideas for parents. I don't know about you but I find parents one of the hardest people to buy for. I just don't like getting them silly little things they will never use again. So here are three ideas that will hopefully help you.

1) Theatre/Concert Tickets 
Yes I know Concert and Theatre prices can be really pricey but you can get vouchers etc which can contribute to a concert or something they have been on about seeing. Maybe parcel it up with a brochure of something they have been on about seeing. Also places like Buy a gift and whsmiths do gift experience which include a night at the theatre and if you have brothers and sisters you can all chip in a bit. It will be something they will remember.

2) Personalised Photo Gifts (  I just realised my spelling mistake on the picture sorry guys!)
Now you can get these in so many places now like asda, tesco, boots and my personal favourite snapfish. There are things like mugs, canvas pictures, calendars and all sorts to choose from. You can raid old family pictures an re create them if your wish. Something personal always goes down well with parents.

3) Weekend Away
Now this is a good one if you have siblings, last year me and my sister put money together and sent my parents a glamping gift. We got this from buy a gift and they had a very lovely weekend. Buy a gift is a fantastic website for things like that and don't forget to Google for discount codes as there is normally one about. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and has given you some ideas for your parents. Have any of you bought anything like this for them ? 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Guest Post - Decora fashion!

Hey guys today have a special guest post for your guys, as you know already I am becoming more and more interested in Japanese culture and fashion and putting together my first Lolita outfit to wear to a convention next year. I have been looking into other types of fashion etc and came across Decora, but to be honest I really had no idea what it was really about. I have been a fan of the blog Life in the Kawaii Lane for ages and knew she had a real interest in Decora so I asked her to write a post on it for you guys so we both can learn more about it... so here we go. Please go check out her blog and leave a little comment!

Hi there Kawaiisters!
This is Pinkuiro Pixie from Life in the Kawaii Lane here with a special guest blog all about my favourite kawaii style; Decora!! ^^
If you haven't heard about Decora – don't worry! This post will tell you all you need to know to understand this totally kawaii fashion style!
The vital thing about Decora fashion is accessories – and lots of them! Bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair clips, bows, bags, even plushies and toys!

As you can see – it's important to strike a balance with your accessories – often through a carefully chosen colour palette, or through heavily featuring a particular kawaii character (Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Mickey Mouse, Rilakkuma etc). It's not as simple as just wearing every accessory you own, it's about finding your own balance that works for you.
A quick pointer about hair accessories in particular – these are absolutely essential to the Decora style! Lots of kawaii clips, slides, bobbles and bows really set this style apart! The most iconic look is wearing lots of small clips/slides in the fringe.

Don't worry if you don't have a fringe! You can still work the Decora style, here is my take on using clips, bobbles and bows!

Clothes wise, it's gotta be kawaii! Cute sneakers or platforms, knee high socks (sometimes multiple pairs or 'odd' socks), layers of skirts and tops and almost sporty-style jackets/hoodies complete the look.

Don't forget – not every Decora is about bright colours; you can also do a 'Dark Decora' look if that is your style! Just remember the key points about accessories and do it your way! Fairy Kei, famous for its pastel colour palette, is an extension of the Decora style too.
The absolute number one Decora brand has to be 6% Dokidoki. Based in the Kawaii Capital, Harajuku, 6% Dokidoki does a range of accessories, jewellry and clothing that totally shouts out 'Harajuku!' ^^ These include statement rings that have become iconic in their own right, such as the famous '6%' and 'Doki' word rings.
Decora is gaining popularity once again – with people like Mai Rainbow ( and the 6% Dokidoki Shop Girls ( being super kawaii ambassadors for this awesome style!
You can get lots of accessories online to build your Decora look – places like eBay and Etsy have lots of sellers all around the world with some super kawaii items – but it is always worth checking out shops like Claire's Accessories, H&M and even supermarkets; the accessory section for kids in these shops can often contain lots of kawaii pieces to complement your Decora look!
So, if you feel that Decora captures your imagination, then go for it! It takes confidence to wear a full Decora look, but it's one of the most personal J-fashions out there; you can take it in any direction that you like, as long as it is kawaii and you have plenty of accessories! ^^

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just a note....

Hey guys, sorry no post this week. Work has been super busy and I have been experimenting with my new light box! Posting will be back to normal next week.

Hope everyone is okay, people started the christmas shopping yet ?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things ... Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Hey guys, another favourite things for you guys today. This one is a Body Shop product and from my favourite range from them. I really adore the body shop tea tree range its the only thing that really made an impact on my skin during my spotty years. I still get spots but there are no where near as bad as they once were. 

I came across this product about a year ago I think while was ordering some of the facial wash online as they were doing some sort of deal. I decided to give this a try so I added it to my basket and now I am on my third tube. 
This product is pretty much a pore minimiser that you can use as a base for your make up. Now I am not sure I would use this on a day to day bases as when I apply it at first my skin looks a little red for a few mins then it looks clears. It only appears red on the places on my face where I tend to get spots. I also find it can make my skin a little dry. But I am not saying this product is bad, it is fantastic at what I use it for.

I apply this at weekends only and do it after I have had a shower in the mornings. I squeeze a small amount on my fingers then rub it all over my face. After I have done that I do it again a second time but this time I concentrate on the areas where I tend to get more spots. In my case my nose, chin and neck. I then leave it to sink again and don't apply anything else to my skin after. 

As I said before it tends to leave my skin a little red looking at first and you can really feel it tingling in some areas. During the weekends I try to give my skin and hair a break and don't really do anything to it unless I am going somewhere. I tend to spend the weekends chilling with Rohan and being lazy... as well that's what weekends are for.

I really like the product as I find it has really helped clear up some of my problem areas. It really helps my skin look healthier the only downside is I find it a little drying.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks favourite things product post and if you have any suggestions on a product like this one I would love to hear about it.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Additions :)

Hey guys, and welcome to my new followers.. So I do have a weekend of post going up for you but the reason I haven't posted the beginning of the week like I normally do is because last week was a bit of an eventful week.

On Friday 31st October (Halloween!) I became a very proud Auntie to my second Nephew Theo James. He was 8lb 11oz and has a lovely head of dark hair. I was rather busy at the weekend and also didn't want to over crowd my sister in law and brother, so I didn't meet him until yesterday.

So here he is above having his first cuddle with Auntie Hayley! he quite happily cuddled up on me and had a little sleep. He had just been fed though. He seems so tiny!! So now I have two Nephews :)

And the reason the weekend was kind of busy is because sadly my boyfriend lost his cat a while ago, which was super sad as he was such a lovely cat and had the most awesome yet weird purr of all time. 
But they decided to adopt two little kittens from our local RSPCA centre. We were planning to go meet them on Sunday, but had a phone call on Saturday saying we could go pick them up. 
So off we went and brought Mollie and Grace home, but while we were there me and Rohan went and looked at the other cats. It was so hard not bringing them all home I wanted to re home ALL of them. 

I can't remember which one is which right now but there names will be changed anyway. They are both very loving little kittens and super playful. They were exploring every little place they could possibly find... even the chimney. Late afternoon the little black and white one happily curled up in my arms like a little baby. Cats are simply the best!


So hope you enjoyed this post of pretty much cutness! More posts will be up the weekend and I also got a swanky new light box in the post so will be testing it out very soon. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love By Daylight... SAILOR MOON!

Hey guys, some of you may already know but in the last year or so I have slowly been getting into Anime and Manga. My boyfriend introduced me to the world of anime and manga when we first started going out as he is very passionate about it. I always thought it was just darn right weird stuff, but he showed me the cute and funny side and I have grown to really enjoy it. My favourites being Chobits and Clannad (tears were shed!). 
Now recently I have started to read a bit of manga, and how confused was I when first started with the reading the wrong way and from right to left (I think that is right). Apart from card captor I also decided to give Sailor Moon a go. Now I have to admit I was kind of put off reading and watching sailor moon at first as everyone seems to love it.. yes I know weird reason! But after discovering an old waterstones voucher in an old handbag and it steal being in date I picked up the first two sailor moon manga's.
When I flicked through them in store and discovered CATS I knew instantly that I would like them (crazy cat lady much?). I have read book one and two and thoroughly enjoyed them and have book three which I am about to start. I am not going to say anything about the storyline cause I don't want to give away anything... plus sailor moon is a fairly big thing so lots of people know about it.
As soon as I started reading the Manga's I was instantly on Amazon hunting down the DVD's then got hurt by the prices... erm OW!! Anyway I found a way of getting hold of the first season and I am now on episode 9 and yes... I am in love with the series. Its fun and girly and not too deep, an easy watch and nice to sit down in the evenings and chill with.

So now I have discovered a love for sailor moon I thought I would share with you a wish list of sailor moon related items I WANT!!
Sailor Moon!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things... Loose powder Foundation

Hey guys! Today I am starting a little series called "a few of my favourite things" where I will be showing you items I really enjoy and recommend. These will be mini reviews and will include all sorts of products that are not just make up but sometimes apps, books and things like that. I hope to do one of these post once a week so hope you enjoy the first one!

Sorry just had to include my Zoella make up bag,,, isn't it just adorable. Now to the product..

Today's product as the title suggest is a loose powder foundation. Now I don't always wear make up on a day to day basis as for work to be honest I just can't be bothered to apply make up! But I found this product is super easy to apply and pretty much feels like your not wearing make up!
Avon Calming Effects Loose Powder foundation is priced at £10.50 but can be often be bought for the bargain price of just £6, always worth keep checking the offers for it. 
I apply it with my real techniques brush ( I will be reviewing them soon too) and it applies easily and gives a fairly good coverage. I have never had that good of skin and its only as I have got older my skin is finally improving and not getting so many nasty spots. The avon loose powder covers what it needs to cover without looking flaky and gives a nice natural look. 
I wear the colour Ivory as well I am pale haha, but when first went to order I was weary as we all know pictures of colours etc in a book does not really give you much to go by, but ask your avon representative and they will happily source out a sample for you or recommend the correct colour. 

Hope you enjoyed the mini review if there is anything you think I can add to the mini reviews them please comment below.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Winter Boots!

Untitled #11

Hey guys, I am currently on hunt for a nice pair of comfy winter boots, these need to look cute with dresses as that's what I wear 99% of the time! So thought I would share with you today some boots I am been eyeing up... I get paid in a couple weeks time and intend to get myself some, so here are a few of the ones I have looked at. Hope you enjoy and of course I will show you what boots I go for when I come to get some.

These are cute little ankle boots... I like the two colours of these makes them a little more interesting. Also these don't look too chunky so will look nice with dresses. I personally don't like chunky boots with dresses its not a look I got for. Some people make it look really good though!

I really like these but not so much the price, the reason being I bought a pricey pair of boots last year and they did not last long at all and pretty much are useless now. These are in the sale from £45 to £30 but I only spotted them online and need to see these in person. I love the buckle type detail.

I do love these boots, but I find with new look shoes I struggle with sizes one size is either too big... or one is too small, never just right. Again the buckle detail is what drew me to these!

Nothing beats a good pair of chelsea boots, I like the little heal on these but to be honest I think they may be a little too plain. 

I REALLY like these, they look way more expensive than they are and are super cute. These are my favourites at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed the post, sorry its a sort one but work is mad at the moment! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Gift From A Friend

Hey guys, first thing I want to say is that I got this box quite a while ago and have been meaning to do this post so better late than never!
One of my closest friends moved to live with her boyfriend and we spent a lot of time together and was super sad to see her go! But we stay in contact and talk nearly everyday haha, but we came up  with the idea to send each other a box of goodies every now and then. Full of little things we know the other person was like. So here I have my first box of goodies... if you would like to see what I got her then CLICK HERE and you will go to her blog with the post of what I got her.

First item I opened was this little mermaid figure, she knows little mermaid is pretty much my favourite film of all time! Its quite funny as I sent her a little mermaid item too!

Next up was some loom bands, we had been discussing how these have become the "in" thing and I said I hadn't tried them out yet so she sent a bag so I can make myself a little bracelet! 

Here we have a sleep mask, I sometimes find it really hard to sleep if a little light is on or something is flashing. So this will add to my little collection of sleep masks! Have to add this one is super soft.

Three items here, A little H keyring with a floral design, a cute spotty mirror (very useful) and lastely a little ID holder. She know I get the bus daily for work and I moaned once I needed to get something to hold my monthly ticket and this little ID holder is perfect.

Another set of three items grouped together as all the same design. Here we have a notebook and pen with a cute London design, I shall add I got this just before mine and Rohan's trip to London. Also a nail file... as I ALWAYS moan I never have one when I need it.

This super pretty scarf is awesome I really like the colours in it and actually wore this one today on my way to work. Its fairly thin but perfect for this time of year.

Now have to admit when I first saw this I was like oooh its small. I am not a small bag person at all. But I have to eat my words, I have used this bag LOADS since getting it. It goes with everything ideal if just going to the cinema... or popping to the shops. I LOVE it! Plus I have a thing for polka dots at the moment.

And last is a sofia the first dvd, this made me chuckle! Me and her are both Disney mad so this was a little fun gift! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my little box, do any of your friends swap gifts or have you done a box swap before ?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hatsune miku - inspired !

Hatsune Miku appeared on the David Letterman show VERY recently. As I am a big fan of vocaloid I decided to create an outfit inspired by her, I hope you enjoy it.

Hatsune miku - inspired !

Hatsune Miku is from vocaloid, she is a 16 yr old girl known for her bright turquoise hair. I discovered her while playing a game called project diva f on my boyfriends ps3. It's a very addictive rhythm game and I really cannot get enough of it. The vocaloid songs tend to be super cute although there is a few dark ones too. They are highly catchy and my new obsession. I have fallen in love with pretty much all the characters in project diva f. So I had to do this. 

Hair - Miku is known for her bright blue/turquoise hair. Yes it is a bit much to dye your hair just for an outfit haha. But if you want to add a little of colour to your hair why not have a bit of fun with hair chalks ! I have just put an order online for some myself. Body shop have also released some. 

Top - She wears many types of outfits but in her main one she wears a shirt type top. So I have picked this grey blouse top and paired it with a blue statement knecklace. This is to represent the tie she wears a little. 

Skirt - Her skirt is almost a skater style skirt so here I picked a plain black skater skirt. These are great little skirts which I personally wear all the time. You can pick them up from many places like new look primark and river island. If you want it to be a bit more miku style then add a turquoise belt. 

Tights/socks - Miku wears tight long boots, which are not very wearable for every day. So why not wear some cute black knee high socks or some tights that have the suspender effect. You could just wear normal black tights too.

Shoes - Seems she wears thigh high boots I found some shoes which I think would suit the outfit and still be keeping in with her style. So for this I have chosen either some black creepers or dr martens. You could also just wear some cute black ankle boots.

Personally I think this outfit is really cute and would make a cute autumn outfit, hope you enjoyed this post and have any of you guys heard of Miku before ? or Vocaloid ? 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bristol Zoo - An awesome day out!

Hey guys, I had the pleasure of spending the day at Bristol zoo on Sunday and thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures with you!

We both were concerned as on the Saturday morning the weather was super horrible, and did not want to spend the day walking around a zoo while it was pouring down with rain. But we were super lucky and the weather was lovely, the sun was shining although it was a little chilly. 

It was only £16 for the ticket and was really worth the money. The £16 is a special offer with the buses. If you catch a number 8 or 9 bus outside Bristol Temple Meads train station you can buy your ticket and your bus ticket for £16. This means you don't have to que up to buy ticket when you get there and takes you to pretty much outside the zoo front door.

We were super lucky as none of the animals were hiding away from us. When we got to the Lions it was 20 mins to feeding time so they were just waking up and roaming around the cage waiting for food. But one thing was really pleased with is we caught the gorilla feeding time and they all came out and I got some great shots of them!

I do think my favourite part of the day was the gorillas as we got to hear about there personalities and what there favourite food is. Its crazy how human like they are really makes you think. Apart from the gorillas another mention has to be made about the little dude above. A three week old baby meerkat! Now this little dude was really hard to get pictures of as I have discovered Meerkats are super protective. Every time a baby came out of a whole or little gap is was swarmed but the adults. There were three baby ones in the enclosure and were very well looked after, the adults pretty much hid the babies from you!

Hope you enjoyed my little post on Bristol zoo, if you ever get a chance to go I really recommend it. We spent 5 hours there!
I will try to work out how to put a little album up of the pictures I have taken so I can share some more cute animals with you.

And one more thing, thank you and hello to all my new followers, I have hit over 150 followers on Bloglovin and it really puts a smile on my face knowing you guys are enjoying my posts!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Items Recently Bought

Items Recently Bought

Hey guys, thought would share with you a little haul of some items I recently bought. I did take pictures of these but the lighting was super poor so hope you enjoy still. Above are pictures so you can see a little better what I bought.

Boxy Blue/Mint Top £6 (sale price) from New Look
This was the last one in stock in my local New Look and it was really meant to be. I has no tag or anything on it, so I took it to the sales desk to find out and was surprised it was only £6 cause the other colours seemed to be £8. So I nabbed it up, I was really drawn to the colour of this and also its a really nice fit. Recently bought a ankle length black polka dot skirt and think this will look super pretty with it.

Shell Contrast Collar Top - £5 (sale price) from New Look
Now I really liked this top when I picked it up but now I have tried it on I think I need the size down as it falls weirdly under the arm and bags out a little. Decided going to try the smaller size on and hopefully it will look okay. I thought this top would go with a lot of things because of the colour and I do love a bit of collar!

Mollie Makes Blogging Mag £9.99 from Whsmiths
Now I work in Whsmiths and I someone bought this magazine the other day. It caught my eye as there is not many blogging magazines about. This is a special edition one so its a one off, but I had a flick through and it looks pretty good. I will review it I think once I have fully read it.

A Year In The Life Of Downton Abbey £22 (rrp) I picked it up for £10 plus staff discount
I love Downton Abbey everything about it is all the things I love. I seriously think I was born in the wrong year haha! I have all the other Downton books so when I saw this one come in its a must. I again will review it once I have had a read.

Pop Vinyl Figure - Hatsune Miku (I ordered this so long ago I cannot think of the price)
Now this is the last but really not the least and there is a little story behind it. I pre ordered this a long time ago and its was first due out in June I think and it kept changing and being a month later and then again... and so on. So when I had an email last week to say it had been dispatched I pretty much jumped for joy!
I have been wanting to start a collection of Pop Vinyl figures for a while now but wanted to start with one I really really love. Hatsune Miku is pretty much my new obsession and I love vocaloid and playing project diva f. She is also the first cosplay I ever did !!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Dartmouth Goodies!/More Pics

Hey guys, kind of a quick post for you today but I hope you enjoy it non the less. As you saw in my last post I went to Dartmouth for the day a couple of weeks ago and the pictures came out so nice I really wanted to share as many as I can. So today going to show u the goodies I picked up at Dartmouth and then some more pictures. So enjoy!

So after the boat trip we had a little walk around the cute little shops and here are the things I got.

Fudge - We stumbled across a hhome-madefudge shop and well fudge is really yummy. So I got 100 grams of normal vvanillafudge and 100 grams of malteaser fudge. Have to say the vanilla was super yummy but the malteaser a little bit of a let down.

Postcards - Picked up two postcards of the river we went up to go in my little scrapbook... which I will be blogging about soon.

Sherbet! - We came across a very cool sweet shop which was fully of sweets in little jars, how sweet shops should be. They also sold really cool old games like tic tac toe and things like that. I got pretty excited when I saw a bag of sherbet with a little lolly in. I used to get this all the time when I was little so I just HAD to pick up a bag

The other two things you can see in the picture are the two polaroid pictures of me and the boy, also the ticket from the boat. 

One of the pictures from the camera... this was still developing :) but I do love it!

While walking around we spotted this really cool old car, this was the moment my proper camera battery died so rest of pictures are taken from my phone. But how cute is this car!

We walked through this cute little park and I thought this flower boat was rather cool. I shall leave you with some more nice pictures. Sorry if this post has been a little boring but hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, 26 September 2014

A Day Out In Dartmouth

Hey guys, first things first I want to say hi to all my new followers! Thank you so much for following my little blog, I hope you enjoy it.
This time last week I did one thing I really don't like to do is get up early on a weekend! I dislike mornings a hell of a lot. But it was for a good cause, me, my boyfriend and his parents went on a little day trip to Dartmouth. I already showed you what was in my bag for the trip, so today I thought I would share a few pictures I took. Was not that many because I had rubbish batteries in my camera and they died... the one time I did not bring the spare set!!

Can you spot balamory ? haha 

Dartmouth is a pretty town in Devon, it has cute little shops (including a very cool sweet shop). We went to Dartmouth to go on a Boat trip. We were lucky enough to go on the steam paddle boat instead of the standard ferry boat because of the ferry one being hired out. I unfortunately did not get a picture of it! 

The trip took about three hours I think there and back. The views were lovely and so was the weather. It did get a little chilly on the way back but the sun was hiding behind the cloud. Thankfully despite the forecast for a thunderstorm at the start of the week the weather was good to us!

There were so many cute houses on the side of the river, this one was apparently a holiday let out... I want to stay there it looks adorable!

On the way back our boat had run out of milk, to the other ferry was passing us and literally threw some milk over to us so we could all have tea and coffee YAY!

I do have a few more pictures I took that I want to show you, but I don't want to overload this post with pictures and if people have rubbish internet like me will take ages to load. So you will have another Dartmouth post coming soon, and you can see the little sweet goodies I got also!